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Replica Cars

DAW T70 MK II Spyder

The T70 was made for endurance racing struck by its beauty the open-cockpit Mk II version with a Chevrolet V8 engine was an entry in the CanAm series, winning five of six races during 1966

Why choose a DAW T70 MK II Spyder

The DAW T70 MK II is manufactured in South Africa to world class standards with both the chassis and bodywork manufactured in-house in order to improve quality and parts delivery. The chassis is multi-tubed triangulated steel space frame design  which is powder coated black and clad in aluminum which is CNC cut and bent. The chassis is designed to accept  both the Chevy V8 is the most common engine for the T70 MK IIIB and Ford V8

We offer both race and road versions. the race chassis is lighter and consists of rose jointed suspension whereas the road version has rubber suspension in order to produce a softer ride. All the suspension is nickel plated.

The bodywork is built from composite reinforced moulded fibreglass which is hand laminated we offer two different weights of bodyworks depending on the usage (road or race)

Currently we offer two different type of gearbox options the firstly being the tried and tested Getrag O16 gearbox which had being upgraded with Porsche 944 internals and the Porsche G50 long tail transmission

Technical Information

Chassis Fully triangulated spaceframe
Bodywork ISO fiberglass panels
Suspension Front nickel plated upper & lower Wishbones
Suspension Rear nickel plated lower Wishbones and upper reverse links
Brakes Willwood 4-pot calipers with 12" ventilated discs all round
Dampers Quantum / Penske
Fuel Tank Custom made aviation bag tanks
Gauges VDO or Smith gauges
Engine 350 Chevrolet 90º V 8
Engine Location Mid , longitudinally mounted
Displacement 5. liter / 358.9 cu in
Valvetrain 2 valves / cylinder, OHV
Aspiration Weber 48 IDA , Weber Cross flow IDE or holly Carbs
Cooling Custom Made Alloy Radiator with twin fans
Gearbox 5 speed Audi Casing with Porsche internals or Porsche G50
Drive Rear wheel drive
Weight 900kg
Weight Distribution 49.5% front 50.5% rear


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