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Replica Cars

Millennium 7

This is not a kit based on a donor car expecting to use as much of the car as possible but rather based on acceptable components of various cars. Differential, brakes and calipers, rear drive shafts are all BMW E30 series based. Engine and gear box are free although the Toyota 4AGE in all it's variants and the Ford Zetec four cylinder models has been the basis of the design with mounting brackets readily available. This does not preclude using another make or model engine however, engine and gearbox mounts would have to be custom manufactured.

The tilting bonnet and engine compartment layout make access a cinch as is the top hung pedal box with balance bar and easily accessible reservoirs.

A sliding or fixed seat arrangement is implement able with four point seat belt arrangement the norm.



Technical Information (Space frame)

Chassis Fully triangulated Tubular space frame
Bodywork ISO fiberglass panels
Suspension Front dual wishbone
Suspension Rear Dual Wishbone
Brakes Disc
Engine Toyota 4 AGE or Ford Zetec engine
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated or supercharged
Cooling water cooled
Gearbox 5 sped
Diff BMW 30


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