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Sebring Fiberglass Trailer

A New World Of Trailers

Universal Products is proud to be the first company in South Africa to produce a Multi Purpose Trailer. The new Snetterton Trailer is the first trailer in south africa designed for multiple usages.

Why choose a Snetterton?

The Snetterton is designed to be used for many applications it can be used as a fully enclosed car trailer or either as a mobile workshop or a mobile vending station, as well a a transport vehicle for the freight industry

The Snetterton is manufactured from rectangle tubing which is MIG welded adding to this a lightweight fibreglass shell that is designed to reduce drag produces a trailer that offers not only offers a huge storage space that can be customised to the customers individual requirements

The fibreglass main body section boasts both lightweight, aerodynamic and space advantages over other market rivals. It also features a unique design incorporating built in tail lights to prevent damage during loading.

The chassis features a break neck design in order to reduce the accent angle of a vehicle that is being loaded the trailer also features a side door that enables the vehicle to be driven on and the driver to get out out the vehicle with out any difficulty

All trailers under go a stringent inspection throughout the manufacturing process in order to ensure quality.

Technical Information

Gross Load Capacity              3400KG

Load Capacity                        2000KG

Overall Width                         2450MM

Overall Length                        5800MM

Overall Height                        2500MM 




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