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    Universal Products is proud to be associated with the following national categories in South Africa motor sport.


Shelby Can AM


Race Car Spares
Shelby Can Am

The Shelby Can Am Racing Car series is one of the success stories of the modern motor sport era in South Africa.

The first cars were imported into South Africa at the end of 1998 to form the basis of the Vodacom Sports Prototype series. The final shipment of cars received in July 1999, completed the VSP series with approximately 25 exciting new VSP sports cars competing in all the major race meetings around the country. In 2005 Vodacom withdrew from the series and they were reverted back to their original name of Shelby Can Am

Universal Products not only manufactures the fiberglass bodies for the series but we carry a large variety of spares from fuel pumps to  wishbones

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