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Plumbing Supplies
Galvanized Fittings

Universal Products imports a comprehensive range of galvanised pipe fittings and brass ball valves and brass gate valves

We carry the following Mech Galvanised Fittings : sockets, elbows, union, barrel and swage nipple, equal cross, tee,  reducing socket, reducing bushes ,  cap and bends below is a few examples

Malleable Iron Hexagon Reducing Bush - GalvanisedMalleable Iron Reducing Socket - GalvanisedMalleable Iron Female Equal Tee - GalvanisedMalleable Iron Male Female Elbow 90 degree - Galvanised

Malleable Iron Female Union - GalvanisedMalleable Iron Female Socket - GalvanisedMalleable Iron Hexagon Nipple - Galvanised

Malleable Iron Barrel Nipple - Galvanised


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