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A Brief Tour of Universal Products

Universal Products specializes in the importation, manufacture , marketing, and distribution of a comprehensive range of plumbing and composite engineering products. We have five divisions whereby we concentrate on the following products


Composite Division

The composite division concentrates on the manufacture of all our fiber glass and carbon fibre products which range from truck aero kits to specialized one of creations out of carbon fibre. It also manufactures all the race car bodies for the Shelby Can Am racing series

Plumbing Division

The plumbing division specializes in the importation and resale of galvanized fittings, brass valves and piping to the wholesale plumbing industry

Trailer Division

This division which has started to produce a fantastic fibre glass trailer which is both light weight and aerodynamic yet is surprisingly large carrying capacity. And our car trailer which can transport anything from a luxury motor vehicle to a racing car  This division also does all our steel manufacturing which includes pipe racks, steel tables etc

Race Car Division

The race car division is our oldest it has supplied both the Shelby Can Am and the South African fHistoric with specialized products such as rose joints and wish bones etc

Recreated Motor Car Division

This is our newest division which has started to produce a fantastic recreation of the infamous Lola T70 MkIII which was successfully raced in the late 1969's.. As Well as the Porsche 356 speedster and Coupe version


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